Sunday, 25 November 2012

This is the Holiday Season Black Friday has past and you found the best deals on all of the presents you are going to give. Splurge time is here and you want to be a hit at all the Holiday Parties. The shoes I have pick when match with a perfectly fit outfit will make you look like a star. I do believe in showing all types of pricing but contact me and I will help the best shoe for your budget, outfit and personality. The above boots and pump are the perfect black with golden adornment that will give the black dress or gown you pick the million dollars look. All four are moderately priced from $89 to $170. Not bad for a millionaire look. Below you can show of your toes. Get the perfect holiday pedicure with some glitter and extra shine to be added to your dress. be the queen of the party and show them how beauty walks in all these shoes. Contact me for more advice. Don't forget to subscribe and I will tell you where to find the best deal in our club when you join.