Sunday, 21 August 2011

Strange Luxury

Would you pay lots of money for a shopping because it has a designer name on it. According to the Wall Street Journal the public in Korea would do just that. Some this has to do with the thickness of the paper as well as the glossy logos. It is still hard to imagine paying up $30 for a paper-shopping bag that says Chanel on it. Korea this all makes sense and they are happy to market these used bags. has the most expensive pair of flip-flops with a price tag of $18,000. Ok this is a holy wow but they do have designs on them by David Palmer. Trust me to wear these to the beach is a waste of money and for that reason has more reasonable sandals at closer to $50.
When people have money to spend on thing they do. What amazes me what can be turned into a luxury item just because of a demand or design. While, for the average person these two items may sound crazy but to the people designing, manufacturing and buying these things maybe not so. I decided to right about this just because it fun to read about. Enjoy your life wherever you are reading my words